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  New Lost luggage solution product
New Lost luggage solution product
ver 30 million pieces of luggage go missing every year and
this figure could reach 50 million by 2012. If you are
planning a trip, you should take precaution now and secure a
SuperSmartTag to your luggage.

Most airlines only compensate around ($25) for lost luggage
unless, receipts for all belongings can be provided while
security firms strongly warn against attaching a physical
address to your luggage.

SuperSmartTag with it's unique tracking code, is the safe
simple solution and must have travel accessory for your
carry on luggage, laptop bags, briefcases, backpacks, camera
bags, suitcases, and anything that can be left behind or
lost during travel or transit. 
Start Date : September 01
End Date   : September 30

Phone number: +61 416114487
Email     :
Website :
Country : Australia
State     : New South Wales
Address :
5/ 4-6 Grandview Parade, Epping NSW 2121

By : SuperSmartTag





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Absolutely great ours got our baggage back within 2 hours
after they went missing.



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