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  Ronco offers a complete line of vinyl disposable and exam gloves
Ronco offers a complete line of vinyl disposable and exam gloves
Concord, Ontario, October 18, 2010: When it comes to hand
protection, vinyl gloves have always been a popular choice
amongst users. Be it food service, hospitality, beauty,
healthcare or other industrial applications, vinyl gloves
provide a great fit at an affordable, everyday price. Ronco,
a specialist in the manufacturing of disposable and
examination gloves offers a wide selection of vinyl gloves.

Ronco Vinyl V2 and Ronco Vinyl V2B represent Ronco’s
disposable vinyl gloves line in clear and blue colours,
while Ronco Vinyl VE2 is the clear vinyl examination glove
of choice. These gloves are manufactured from high quality
PVC containing no recycled content. The gloves are
manufactured using DINP plasticizer and come with a 100% DOP
free (Di-octyl phthalate) guarantee posing no risks to the
users. Available in both lightly powdered and powder free
formats in a variety of sizes there is a glove for everyone.
Mr. Ron Pecchioli, President, Ronco said, “Ronco is known
for providing consistent quality products and our stringent
quality control measures make our gloves the product of

Ronco Vinyl V2 and V2B have been evaluated and accepted by
CFIA and are suitable for food handling applications. The
clear and blue colour options also aid in HACCP compliance
while Ronco VE2 possesses a Medical Device License making it
an approved examination glove.

For more information on Ronco’s complete line of vinyl
gloves or to order free samples, please contact Ronco at
905-660-6700 or send an email to

About Ronco: Established in 1996, Ronco is a world class
manufacturer of safety and plastic products. With a focus on
consistent quality products and outstanding customer
service, Ronco has developed a strong presence across
Canada. Ronco’s product line includes disposable and
examination gloves, industrial gloves, leather gloves,
safety apparel, totes and polywoven bags, reusable shopping
bags, reclosable plastic bags, plastic cutlery and more. For
more information, please contact Ronco at (905) 660-6700 or or visit 
Start Date : October 18
End Date   : October 18

Phone number: 905-660-6700
Email     :
Website :
Country : Canada
State     : Ontario
Address :
267 North Rivermede Road
Concord ON L4K 3N7

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